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Since i’m on a budget yet still want to try higher end stuff, i opted to find people on ebay who sell sample sizes .  Luckily, I did find someone.  Since I have oily to combination skin on my face, I much prefer the oil-free even finish than their moisture variant.
The original size of this has a pump on/it’s bottle.
it’s a silky watery formula and yep with the yellow undertone.  it has a certain rubbery chemical scent.  this scent is mild and quickly dissipates.
once blended on my skin, so coverage is light to medium.  but build-able.
a photo taken with the flash turned on.  the foundation doesn’t reflect the flash too much even if it has spf in it.
it looks very natural, even on top of my bb cream make up base [my l’egere white multi bb].  this ‘natural’ non-cakey look is the thrust or motto of Bobbi Brown.

  • the shade, sand is the best for me i think, it’s the shade that almost matches the skin of my neck and chest.
  • so silky to apply and doesn’t dry too quickly like the revlon colorstay
  • the silky soft looking yet subtle glowy finish.  like i have a natural veil.  you can definitely skin underneath yet it evens out some discoloration and tints out my small veins.
  • does not break me out
  • have i mentioned the finish? oh yeah i have hahaha, but golly, i do love the subtle glowy finish that doesn’t make me look like a grease ball.
  • available in the Philippines
  • there’s a pump in the real
  • the slight chemical-rubbery scent
  • i get oily after about 3-4 hours
  • rubs off slightly, esp the lower rims of my glasses and where my glasses sit on top of the bridge of my nose
  • spf15 only and  without the pa, hmmm but i use bb creams as a base [with higher spf and has uva protection] so it’s ok in my case
  • the price, but then it’s high end so i can’t argue with that.

do i recommend this: definitely if you have the budget for it and don’t have to stay in the sun or a humid environment for a very long time.


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