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priced at PhP498.  but a gift from etude house for me to try.


not really a gel but more of a lotion.  this smells like coppertone, only a tad better, citrusey.

photo below of my hand without flash on


photo below of my hand with the flash on


and during the day.  it didn’t make me any oilier than i am anyway.  but usually any and all sun blocks give me too much stuff on my face that my skin can’t handle it at that special time of the month.


my usual neutrogena also at PhP490++ but neutrogena only has 30 ml while the etude’s has 50ml.


same tip for a ‘controlled’ release


and oh it’s nearing that time of the month and i completely forgot, so after about 4 or 5 days of using this daily, i got one small zit.  i’m back on my l’egere white multi bb cream so a near disaster was averted and my zit is not humongous.  i only know it’s there when i feel a little bump under skin.  you know the kind, the one you don’t know if it’s gonna come out or not…hopefully not ^_^


  • spf 30 pa ++ (but not as much as my usual neutrogena which has 50 and an additional pa +)
  • does not affect the look of my makeup.
  • does not make me any less or more shiny thru out the day
  • does not wash me out when i have the flash turned on my cam
  • easy to apply, isn’t gritty applying it, it’s like a moisturizer, watery but dries quickly.
  • competitively priced
  • the smell
  • it’s only spf 30 with only pa ++
do i recommend this? – yep, if you don’t like to put on foundation or bb creams with a lot of spf on them, then this and powder should be good for you the whole day or at least in the office where there isn’t direct sunlight.
will i continue to use? – yes, especially when i know i’m not in that special time of the month where i’m bound to get a zit when there’s too much on my face 😉

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