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Soon as this Inquirer article hit back in october many a beauty bloggers have posted their own reviews of Close up’s newest flavor or line of toothpaste, their White Now, like saying WHITE right naooo.

even the famed Michelle Phan did her own video on this new wonder toothpaste. naturally, i am influenced to buy said toothpaste [apart from the fact that i grew up on close up and prefer their gel consistency on their toothpaste compared to colgate’s really watery starchy paste].
i’m pretty sure y’all have read a review or two on the said toothpaste and imma just gonna add my 2cents worth on a brand that i will continue to use regardless.
the blue stuff is the whitening agent while the nearly clear gel is your usual closeup toothpaste.

  • it worked, eventually after about a couple of days use so around 4-6 brushings…i kinda never believed in the after one brushing effect hehehe so i had no expectations.
  • the usual gel consistency of close up that i always expect close up to have
  • the flavor i like the cooling minty taste as per usual close up blue that i buy
  • since it does work in whitening my teeth i can drink more coffee red, black, and green teas without worrying about staining my teeth with continued consumption of said colored and teeth staining teeth.  hahaha see related ang title ng entry ko.
  • it takes a small amount for a frothy brushing
So Michelle Phan said to try and apply red lipstick to make the whites of your teeth stand out.

and it worked.  but it’s just a trick of the eye.  but the toothpaste?
It worked, but not as instantly as the ad and Michelle claimed.  but hey it worked.  so it does more than clean, it whitens.

  • this tube of toothpaste has a screw cap instead of the usual flip cap, annoying but that’s about the only thing i don’t like about it…so dear close up, c’maaaan flip cap please?
Will I repurchase: oh yeah, definitely, it tastes nice and it allows me to drink more tea, LOL


  1. Have. Have, have, have. “I can HAVE as much tea or coffee as I want”. The Rain is Spain Stays MAINLY on the Plain.

    Deosn’t anyone prff read anymore?! 😉

    • well hello there who couldn’t spell check his prff for proof read either, there, corrected the damn title, you haz hapy nao?

  2. I love this Closeup Toothpaste! 🙂

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