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a continuation of my series…a review of my 2010 of items i’ve either stopped using of have hit pan on.

The Roseflower blush in 01 shade of pink and a nuance of rose and an eye shadow in 01 in sunshine gold nuance of soleil d’or.  see the dark streaks in the golden eye shadow?  more to come, read on…
a swatch of the eyeshadow in gold a yellow champagne shade with shimmers of gold.
and a swatch well, i tried to swatch the blush and that’s what about all i could scrape.  between these two products the eye shadow is easier to work with but this review is for both products.
i’ve got a few more cosmetic items from the body shop but i would like to just share my not so positive 2cents worth on these two.  i’m been holding off, long enough and these two were two of the reasons i’ve moved on to other products and or brands.
Texture:  both are very chalky and very difficult to apply even on a properly primed face and eye lids.  both have very little to no pigmentation.  it has the nuance or gold specs, those i can see.  but the shades are hardly noticeable on my skin.

  • Blush – so the blush isn’t too pigmented, so i thought i could still use it to set my cream foundations.  oh if only.  i think there is too much talc in the blush that eventually absorbs both my oils and whatever i applied on my cheeks prior to scrubbing my blush brush on the powder.  yes scrub, it’s that difficult to get the product out of the pan.  so what i do is scrap off the crusted layer with either my finger nail or my swiss knife.  so it’s fine again for a couple of uses then it gets crusted again on top.  i just ran out of patience with this thing.
  • the eye shadow – this has more pigmentation and creamier to work with than the blush.  i can get more color payoff with this for an all over lid color or a highlight corner at my brow or the inner corner of my eyes.  i like the gold shimmers too, they aint huge.  however, just a little less so, it still shares that remarkable chalky trait the blush has.  so after a while of using this i get that crusty top and then it’ll be hard for me to brush off product to apply to my eyes unless i scrape the crust off.

i’m glad there have many other makeup lines from the body shop long after this, i’m also hoping that i’m one of the few that experienced this.  the pink would have been so great on my complexion while the gold is (was) an awesome shade to work with as a brow or inner corner of the lid highlight.  such a shame.
but i’ve got other makeup from the body shop so at least i can start using them.


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