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the one common thing about shopping at korean stores is that they give samples of their products especially if you already have good rapport with the store manager or her sales ladies.
so when their repackaged phytogenic line came out i got this with my purchases.
they gave me the darker shade in nb23. there are currently only 2 shades that i’m aware of, nb21 the lighter more fair shade and this nb23 for those people who are not as white as snow.
before application…the consistency reminded me of bb cream sorta.
my face with just the face shop the skin extra bb cream as my primer.
and pics of me after the application: i noticed that though it’s thick and not too slick, it blends in my skin well and covers pores very very well. and it was able to cover my blemishes and broken capillaries. (yung mga maliliit na ugat na either red or parang violet).
photo below taken without flash
with flash
it was enkore that said his face has a different shade from his neck and chest. i have the same issue. it’s only natural for people to have a slightly darker shade of skin on the face since that’s what sunlight hits all the time, unless of course you’re the type that always wear a tube top or a tank top LMAO.
so i thought all the while my shade was the 2nd shade from the lightest. but actually hahaha i really am scarily white and can pull off putting on the lightest shade of most foundations.
so why the disclaimer? i have shade 23 the shade second fr the lightest and or the darker one. therefore, it really looks nice on my face since it fits the skin on my face, just don’t look at my neck and chest for that matter hahaha. but with the flash it seems ok, right?


  • coverage, it covered almost all of the pores on my nose and the major ones on the side of my nose and it concealed my broken capillaries and redness around my nose well enough
  • hardly any scent
  • infinite? well not really, just around 12 to 14 hours, so it’s competition for my revlon colorstay
  • almost matte finish
  • only the top of my nose looked shiny even during a busy day
  • didn’t look cakey
  • i’m at a point of my cycle that one false move i get a zit, and well suffice to say my skin didn’t react to this.
  • looks better on me when the flash is on bwahahaha


  • thick consistency and it dries so quickly that it was difficult to blend, and people in the west complain about revlon colorstay’s quick drying? ha, they prolly haven’t tried this yet. so you’re better off using your fingers so that the heat of your fingers on your face will keep the foundation moist long enough for you to blend properly
  • the shade i have didn’t match the skin of my neck and chest…so i was going to invest in this liquid foundation i’d go for the lighter shade.
  • the price…hahaha no i didn’t pay for the sachet, i mean the price of the real deal. it’s PhP995 for 35ml with a pump dispenser. hmmm my revlon colorstay is only PhP825 but has no pump YET [revlon has announced that they’ll bring back the pump bottle for their colorstay liquid foundation line]

WILL I Purchase:
sure i would, so long as it’s nb21 and if i can use the receipt for the face shop calendar promo



  1. Oi.. thanks so much for the info. I will definitely try the foundation.

    I have major problem with the different shades of my face and neck. My face always turns red when I’m outside. I really don’t know how to deal with it. If i make my face as white as my neck to look good when i’m outside, then it will be too white when i’m inside!?!.. So far, i haven’t really found any foundation that match with my face yet. lol!
    I’m using Laneige’s snow crystal foundation. It’s nice and light, but not much coverage.

    You have nice skin. Green with envy! 🙂
    Thanks for the info and Happy New Year

    • yeah that is rough, my mom has the same reaction to going outside. it’s like she’s all flushed.
      it’s kinda hard daw talaga cuz once she’s inside she looks pasty and have caked on makeup because she tried to hide the redness with powder.
      awww thanks for the compliment, my skin was cooperating with me that day. when all the while you don’t see the tiny veins on my cheeks and old darkened zit scars LOL

  2. Hi! I was also given the same sample in the same shade the last time I went to the face shop. I like it for the same reasons that you stated above. HOWEVER, one major problem that I always encounter is how to find the proper loose powder to set it off. I don’t like to just use this )or any) liquid foundation alone. (I am very paranoid of it rubbing on people’s clothes and I don’t like the shiny finish) I always, always, set my liquid foundation with loose powder. Can you recommend a good loose powder to set my make-up after using this foundation?

    • hi Xaviera:
      the face shop has a loose powder. but i actually bought the phytogenic powder foundation to set my bb creams and so far so good. not only does it help give extra coverage but it really sets it. buy my actual fave loose powders are bare minerals’ mineral veil to keep my oilies at bay

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