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So i’ve had my elf collection for quite sometime now since i got them and my collection is slowly growing since the studio line has come to manila.  every so often i either rave about an elf product like their eyebrow kit or simply dislike it like their studio waterproof volumizing and lengthening mascara.

kinda looks scarily dark in the container.
but once opened, the top reveals a slightly dark pink with a subtle sheen.
i hope you can see the sheen on the back of my hand.
the sheen only shows up depending on the angle of the light.
it doesn’t stain my finger when i spread the product with my fingers.
it gives a subtle sheen on the darker pink side which i like
the only draw back i find is that it doesn’t last all day.  and it oxidizes.  but in my case it oxidizes in this nice pinky-salmon-peachy kind of shade which suits my coloring and complexion.


  • the price it’s US$1.oo that’s kinda tough to beat but of course it’s almost 2-3x that price if you buy it the Philippines. so it’s not a great idea to have an ELF haul in Manila.  i just buy one product at time so i don’t feel cheated that i have to pay their mall rent, the shipping and so much tax.
  • the shade: i love the pink and it suits my complexion and coloring, even when it oxidizes it still pretty on me
  • doesn’t have a sticky texture and it’s easy to apply, spread and therefore blend
  • it doesn’t break me out
  • the packaging is easy to use and easy to carry around
  • the scent, it’s a tad too strong but it goes away quickly so i can tolerate it.
  • the subtle sheen and it doesn’t last on me
  • the pricing in the Philippines
Will I repurchase:
most likely i will, but i may try their lilac petal because it reminds me of my liole blooming tint only diff is the subtle sheen

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