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my very significant other decided to make a full event out of our DFA trip and Etude House party which luckily enough was for the same date as our DFA appointment.

well, the DFA trip was a bust as we didn’t print out or click the link in the email sent by the DFA online appointment application.  so mental note click the link sent by the dfa email if applying for a passport online.  mind you, to click the link within 24 hours was not advised by the email. (just after you go thru their online application)…what’s one more reminder in the email after reminding to print it in long bond? to say oh, print this within 24 hours or your appointment’s canceled?!

BUT, i still had a couple day’s worth of leave and a party to attend, thurs night.  so, the Benj decided we push on forward with the room so we wouldn’t have a shizz of a time getting a cab fr qc going to resorts world and back.  AND to make it an early double celebration for the both of us.  his birthday is coming up in a couple of weeks and we met 7 years ago, in November.

the viewPhotobucket 


my failed attempt at a night shot of the bay and port and the board walk.and now for the chow:
i don’t know about this coffee, it just didn’t gimme that jolt, it didn’t taste bad, it just didn’t taste too good either.  coffee press is from starbucks, too.
i kinda just had one piece of bread, so i can have enough space for the buffet.  i mean, it’s bread.  good bread, but bread none the less.
The Benj got an assortment of cheeses and REALLY crispy bacon.  i could eat that bacon all day.  the cheeses were a delight.
see, if you wanna make room to try all the other food, this huge a$$ waffle is something you avoid.  but it gratified the Benj and he claims it’s comparable to his waffles at the ADB which he claims is love LOL.
my filipino bf, i mean, breakfast.  i’ll start with the not so good. the corned beef,
sorry i’m just not a fan of argentina, i like my corned beef either libby’s, palm, or pure foods.  and the corned beef at sofitel reminds me of argentina corned beef.
for the good stuff, i love the tapa, though it reminds me of ruffo’s LMAO, sue me.  the veal sausage was tasty and not gamy.  the pork adobo was fantastic, yeah it’s adobo, but it’s kind of adobo you’ll be happy eating all week.  it rivals my mom’s and manang rebby’s [the Benj’s family cook] pork adobo.  the dangit was way way too salty but then i didn’t have champorado so that could be my issue.  the tinapa was awesome, it was just the right smoky flavored salty that it would make you want more rice be it plain or garlic fried rice.
some of buffet area shots before i was told not to take pix of the food
back to our table where still, i had a couple of native stuff like salted egg and goat cheese, yummmm and i got me a so so maki.i didn’t feel like trying out the chinese food, e.g. the pork dumplings (yep no shark’s fin) or the asado siomai nor did i try the fried spring rolls.  hehehe don’t mind me i didn’t try the kimchi or kimbap either.  i guess i wanted my salt from pinoy stuff that morning.
and to wash off all that oil and salt down, i had this big pitcher of tea.  it’s the type you add milk and sugar to.  but i really liked this tea.  i prefer this tea more than i liked their coffee that’s for sure.i had to walk off some of the food and tried out my cam around.
and my failed attempts at panoramic shots, LOL.
the Benj and I really enjoyed our stay.  it was a 1night stay at the sofitel with a classic room with a view with buffet breakfast for 2 for about US$200.  and duh it’s the sofitel.  it’s pretty fair. the Benj was so glad he didn’t book us at the Marriott LOL. 6star hotel daw ang Marriott, yeah whatever.


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