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my before shot shows a person that nearly just woken up, has done her morning routine and this face is already moisturized with skinfood’s peach sake emulsion and serum. i have some unevenness stemming from some dark circles under my eyes and i look sallow and pale (maputla).

bb on the right side of the face:
the bb cream applied just on the right side of my face. viola, most of the discoloration was covered by the foundation like consistency and shade of the product. i ALWAYS use the second shade from the lightest with these Asian cosmetics and it’s working out so far. there is also slight coverage of the pores on my nose and the apples of my cheeks.

the finished office look. i use all of my bb creams as primers, so on top of tonight’s bb cream is my hg foundation which is Revlon’s Colorstay for oily combination skin in buff.

Packaging: Of all the Skinfood bb creams this variant comes with a pump. The pump isn’t all like the pump of the face shop’s the skin bb. My first tube of this skinfood peach sake bb cream had no content (walang laman) and i had to return it. my second tube has a funky pump. the spring locks the pump down and i have to twist it about, i nearly returned it until the sales agent at skinfood mega mall made the pump work again, and the product came out of the pump. so yeah, i hate this pump.

The BB cream itself:
Consistency: It’s as watery and silky as skinfood’s ginko bb. very easy to apply, spread, and blend on my face. It covers most of my smaller pores even with its watery consistency.

The Shade: If i had the choice, i always go for the number 2 shade (the 2nd from the lightest) in most of the Korean cosmetic(s) that i’ve tried. This one is no different. This number 2 shade blends so easily on my skin. it doesN’T give me a gray or white cast like other bb creams. it covers my under eye circles well enough. having the bb cream on my face by itself makes me look very natural and gives that no makeup makeup look.

There is a slight and pleasant scent to this bb cream but dissipates upon application.

Oil Control: This variant of bb cream (along with their agave bb) is supposed to be for oily combination skin. There is some oil control since i only get oily on the tip of my nose where i am oiliest and i don’t have to blot as much on the apples of my cheeks or the rest of my t-zone until about 4 hours after application. so i use less of my oil blotting sheets since i only wipe off oil from my nose. It doesn’t dry my skin in my U-zone either. moreover, i don’t end up like a grease ball using this product. i love the balance of oil control and moisturization especially now coming in to our dry cooler season.

Lasting power: Because it controls my oilies rather effectively, it lasts about 6 to 8 hours on my face which means it helps any foundation i put on top of it last much longer. I use this bb cream as a primer and it helps my mineral foundation and liquid foundation last considerably longer.

Skincare/Blemish Balm: well it hasn’t broken me out. hasn’t contributed much to the number of black heads i already have. I haven’t had any break out or zits in months so i can’t tell if this product does help with healing.

SPF: it has an SPF of 20 and PA + (only). so i advice to use a proper facial sunblock if you’d like to use this bb cream by itself or if your regular foundation does not have a higher sun blocking property. the low spf and pa is prolly the reason why this thing isn’t reflective of the flash in photos so you can see my neck still matches my face…hmmmm

Will I purchase this again?: It will be a long time yet before I purchase another BB cream. the stupid pump at the end of the tube is such a hassle, kaka-turn off. i wanna cut into it and transfer the contents in sample jars. But the product itself is wonderful as a primer and tinted moisturizer.



  1. hi..I was looking for this product's review when I came across ur blog ;)wow it looks good on you! and it seems a nice productI think I'll give it a try šŸ˜‰

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  3. how much is this product?

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  5. from my trusted seller it's PhP495while it's almost double that at the skin food store at mega and stalls in sm dept stores

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