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Start: Aug 14, ’09 10:00a
End: Aug 16, ’09 9:00p
Location: Robinson’s Galeria 3rd Floor West Wing

got a text from Micah of VMV (gale branch)

“25% of all items EXCEPT Armada and 50% in facial services. this weekend”

so much for all out clearance sale. but considering their prices, it’s almost a miracle that they go on sale at all. tell Micah i (Ma’am Margareth) sent you all and if you buy something, ask for samples. VMV is like Sephora, Lush, and the Korean beauty boutiques that give out samples while they’re there.

I’d just like to add, that their full coverage foundations have the highest spf that i’ve seen in the market and since it’s a Filipino company therefore there are shades for our more morena and kayumangi sisters, (just a little bitterness on the part of the companies that import revlon, maybelline, etc, considering they have shades for African-Americans from the lightest to the darkest, it’s annoying that they don’t bring those shades to cater our Filipino varied skin tones).

there are some beauty bloggers both from the West and our own that have reviewed and blog about the vmv foundations.


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